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Technology of food freezing

Technology of food freezing through spraying the product by several times using low temperature factor. Freezing may occur in the whole weight of the product or just on the surface. Meat is freezing individually, layer by layer or in poly-blocks form, then packed in boxes or cartons.
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MAP package

Inside the MAP package, air is replaced by a mixture of gases, with adapted composition. The purpose of modified atmosphere packaging is to create inside a package a properly balanced composition of the gas, which will extend the shelf-life of the packaged product.
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VAC Vacuum packaging

VAC Vacuum packaging involves placing the product in a foil package with low permeability, removing the air and tightly closing. Approx. 98-99% of the air is removed from the package. Most of microorganisms need oxygen to grow up, and because of almost complete elimination of oxygen we prevent growth of aerobic bacteria, molds and yeasts.…
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